Our Difference

Apart from being very focused on being a responsible business we are very focused on you, our customers, too. Here are a few reasons you might like shopping with us: 

  • We Care - we care about what we buy, we care about you our customers and giving you the best products possible, we care about our suppliers and treating them with respect and having a great partnership, we care about our environment and we care about animals so ensure what we do doesn't harm animals in amy way. 
  • 100% Vegan - everything we sell is 100% vegan and cruelty free. We believe you can have beautful products without animal products or by products; there are some amazing botanicals out there and we prefer these are used than animal products. 
  • No Nasties -  We source local and global beautiful products which are vegan, cruelty free and also free of sulphates and parabens. Nasties is everything we avoid; if we won't use it we won't sell it.
  • Innovative Products - We have exclusive ranges, new products to Australia, local and global products and one of the largest ranges in Australia at over 5000 products; if you can't find what you are looking for tell us and we'll look at getting it. We look hard for affordable products so the decision to change is easy. 
  • Eco-Friendly Products - We actively source zero waste, ethical products which have minimal to no impact on the environment and that includes the packaging. We have over 2800 products in our Eco Friendly Category. 
  • Your Choice of Packaging - you can have your order wrapped with standard minimal packaging or choose premium packaging - perfect for gifts, or if you want samples. It's your choice. 
  • Beauty Boxes - We craft seasonal beauty boxes packed full of natural, vegan beauty and lifestyle products all seasonally relevant! They are always great value. 
  • Gift boxes to make it easy - We have created some stunning, and helpful, gift boxes to wow that special person or even just yourself!
  • Recycling Initiative - everything at Flora & Fauna is recyclable so there is no need for anything we produce to go to landfill. Read more
  • Local - Our packaging is recycled, sustainable, local and beautiful in our humble opinion. 
  • Samples - We don't offer them with minimal packaging but if you want some just pop a note in the order comments and if we have any we'll include them. 
  • Loyalty and rewards - We have a pretty cool loyalty scheme. No card needed, just log in to your account and earn as you buy. You then choose when to redeem your rewards and they will be available at checkout for you to use.
  • We support Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary - central to our mission is our love of animals. We proudly support Where Pigs Fly by selling their merchandise, spruiking their work and also giving 10% of revenue from certain products to them each month. Read more. 
  • We support Sea Shepherd - Sea Shepherd work tirelessly to protect our oceans. So 50c from some products in our Green + Kind range goes to Sea Shepherd. Also we sell some of their merchandise to help them further. See our Sea Shepherd range